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Why The Artist's Way?

I thought I might share a little about what led me to begin the year with The Artist's Way. For the past several months, God has been doing some major changing in my heart and mind. I didn't realize how different things were until I looked back over 2005.

The first few months, I wasn't very content or happy with where I was in life and dreamed of so much more, but felt like I'd never change and be the woman I knew I was meant to be. Then I discovered some things about myself including that I was pregnant with number six. :) I began to take steps to head in the right direction when I became too sick from morning sickness to do much more than hang over the toilet bowl or lay drugged on the couch from anti-nausea medicine. I was frustrated because I couldn't continue with the progress I was finally beginning to see. I was also blessed because my husband had noticed and acknowledged a difference in me.

But God doesn't waste time and even when we think we are at a stand-still, God is still moving. He worked on my heart and mind renewing them and building my faith in him. I began to focus solely on wanting to know Jesus simply for the sake of knowing him and not for what he could do for me or give to me.

As I began to come out the other side of the Morning Sickness Valley, I found a new confidence in God and found myself caring less about pleasing others and more about pleasing him. I found an intense desire to draw closer to my family and really love them and love ON them. I also found a new passion and longing for living life fully and embracing the things of God more deeply.

I've decided to take this energy and use it every day to enjoy the blessings in my life.

Some friends decided to dive into The Artist's Way to kick off 2006 and I caught their enthusiasm. The book sounded exciting yet challenging for my creativity and I want to explore the creative possibilities this new year and new me hold.

What can I say? I take after my Heavenly Father: the Creator, the Master Painter, the Great Author of Life, the Potter who is patiently sculpting and shaping my life. The Artist is most definitely amazing to behold. I'm looking forward to exploring what The Artist's Way book and the Artist's way both hold in store for me.
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