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Giving myself permission to not be perfect...

I've been enjoying the insights I'm gleaning from reading and working through chapter 1 which deals with blurts (negative thoughts) and finding their sources from our past. I've struggled for many years with perfectionism and although I've always known where it stemmed from, I never really sat down and let myself explore it before. The tasks I've completed so far have allowed me to really analyze those negative thoughts and their sources and I've come to find that I don't accept those voices from my past any longer.

I'm a much stronger person in many ways and to continue with the changes I've been making (with God's help), I'm giving myself permission to not be perfect in the things I do. I'm not saying I'm not going to give it my all. No, I'll simply accept that I'm never going to be perfect and my imperfections along with my strengths are a part of who I am. They help bring a uniqueness that is strictly mine.

I'm finding this new attitude makes me feel more creative and free-spirited. I can have fun with what I'm working on if I'm not busy trying to make it perfect in case someone witnesses my flaws. This in turn will help others around me to realize it's okay to not be perfect, too.

I tried this idea at Paper Art Studio (which has ideas for The Artist's Way) the other day and decided I'd have fun with it. I wanted to remember the simple thrill of coloring with crayons and making a childish project. I colored a piece of printing paper in a bright, funky design with crayons and cut the top edge with decorative edging scissors. I then folded this cut edge down a little and wrapped the opposite end around a rectangular shaped decoration much like you'd wrap a present.

While the glue dried on my little paper sack, I wrote on my price tags and colored each to match my sack and then I took some paper strips and wrote down the good things that would result from being creative. I colored these to match, too. Then I folded these and dropped them into my now dry bag and stuck the price tags on the outside.

This little art piece is attached to my bulletin board near my desk. It's bright, cheerful and imperfect, but it was fun and freeing to be a kid for a little while. This is also serving as a reminder that it's a good thing to not try for perfection. :) I find things come out perfect that way - perfect for me.

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