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A look at week 2 of my Artist's Way Journey...

I have to say, I'm loving this experience so far. I feel like I'm taking care of myself, expressing myself, and then find I'm even better at sharing myself with my family. I have 3 1/2 weeks left until this baby's due date and I find this is helping me to relax even more.

Last night, I wrapped up my week 2 (I seem to be on a Thursday to Wednesday routine) by choosing the collage activity at this Artist's Way site:

I spent about an hour choosing various clip art images that drew me and expressed some of the things I love in life plus I added some words/phrases that spoke to me like Family, Laughter, Passion, Embracing Life, Creativity and others. I printed this out and put it on my bulletin board next to the paper bag activity from week 1. It's a great reminder of the things I love and want to enjoy more in life.

For my Artist's Date, I spent an hour alone sketching a page filled with fun and sassy images like purses, shoes, flowers, etc. I don't know why a lot of my creativity seems to want to come out in sketching form lately since I've never done much of it at all, but there it is lol. I keep wanting to draw, so I've decided to buy myself a sketch book to play in.

My oldest daughter is the drawing/painting talent around here, but maybe I can express myself this way, too. Who knows. :)

I also completed all of the tasks this week and found them useful. I think some of my answers will be things I can use/ponder even more when this 12 weeks session is over. :)

My morning pages have been done every single day since the beginning. I'm hoping I keep them going although I will have a few days of down time when this little one arrives.

If I seem to take a bit of time between posts, it's because I'm very uncomfortable sitting here for long. In fact, I can barely reach the keyboard. The baby seems to have shifted into a position that makes it hard to get close to the desk and for that matter, I just found out I can hardly sit behind the steering wheel when driving. We are definitely getting close. :)

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