Audra (justaudramarie) wrote,

A'Muse' Me Monday 2

So over on Four Fantabulous Females, I posted some prompts and I decided to answer the fiction one here. :)

Fiction: Write a scene where God has asked you why you aren’t doing what He knows you can do and has given you to do.

  A quiet voice washes over and through me. I know this voice. "Yes, Lord?"
  "I'm wondering how you're doing with the gifts I gave you?"
  Gifts. Uh oh. "Umm -- well..."
  "I can read your thoughts, don't start making excuses." His voice is still quiet and oh so calm even though my heart is hammering a complete opposite cadence.
  "I'm sorry. I know you gave me gifts, but I've been a little nervous about actually using them." I look down at my toes and wish I could slink away.
  "Do you think I made a mistake when I formed you? When I created who you are and placed the gifts I chose for you inside your heart spirit?" His voice is louder now -- a voice of authority and I'm overwhelmed as conviction lays heavy. Who am I to question God's decision?
"No, Lord. You never and cannot possibly make a mistake. I didn't trust you." I drop to my knees and tears slip down my face. "I'm so sorry for allowing anything to come before your desires for me. I'm sorry I didn't believe you could or would work through me. I feel so unworthy and incapable of these things you've called me to do."
I hear a rustle and feel a soft puff of air. A sweet scent drifts past my nose. Something has changed and I realize God is standing before me. I'm in awe of His presence.
  "Child -- it's because you feel unworthy and incapable that I can work through you. I need your humbleness and brokenness in order to transform you into my image and do what I have asked of you. I will carry you through. Empty yourself and I will fill you."

Heavenly Father, help me to empty myself and allow you to fill me and use me. I don't want to do anything on my own accord -- your will be done not mine.

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