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The Artist's Way

I've decided to dive into this book with some friends and so far I'm loving the experience. I went out Wednesday and bought the book, a small journal for my Morning Pages which ironically says Life on the front, and a small notebook with fun pink and purple stripes for my assignments.

I began reading the book that night and Thursday morning was my first day with the Morning Pages. I wasn't sure if I could fill three pages, but I did and I enjoyed it. Day 2 went just as good and I believe I might have some goodies for writing later when I'm allowed to go back and read through them (I believe at around week 8).

I also decided to have my Artist's Date tonight/last night (Friday). I'm pregnant and due in 5 1/2 weeks, so I chose something simple at home. I turned on two soft lamps in my room plus lit a scented candle in the bathroom. Throw in a little classical Mozart and I was ready to relax in the shower. I treated myself to a deep hair conditioner and moisterized with a nice lotion when I was done. After dressing in a nice nightgown and clipping my hair up, I delighted in one yummy white chocolate truffle. I sprayed my sheets with a vanilla scented spray talc and crawled in with my Artist's Way book and notebook. I ended the date by writing and signing the Creativity Contract.

It was a peaceful and very relaxing evening which is especially nice for a pregnant woman in her third trimester. :)

I'm definitely off to a great start and I haven't even hit week 1 yet. I'm a little behind my group, but I should be able to catch up rather quickly. More creativity awaits...
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